Ten generations of peace in The First Land ended. At first it was rumors from the North about caravans, outposts and small villages being wiped out with no survivors. Then the port city of Creaen in Ulbaran fell and refugees told stories of an unstoppable horde of Chitrik, not like the friendly traders who visited every backwater town and village. These Chitrik never spoke a word of the tongue. Their chitin was blood red and they towered over all the races of the people. They took no prisoners and began to war openly advancing methodically South. All nations of The First Land heeded the call of the Queen of Ulbar and it seemed no family hadn’t sent a son, sister or father to war.

All that was far away though. Here in Bitterwater, life goes on much as it had always gone on. Until the well was poisoned and everything began to change.

The First Land

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