The Chitrik are an insect like species that live in hives that can range in size from dozens of Chitrik to millions.

Sub species:
- Drone
- Royalty
- Traveler
- Warrior

Here is their working description:
Chitrick (Score: 5)
2 Dexterity = 2
1 Wisdom = 1
+10 feet movement speed = 1
Darkvision 60 = .5
Proficiency in stealth = .5
can only have proficiency with Chitrick weapons = -.5
Secondary Arms = .5
Standing Leap = 1
You are always considered to have a running start while jumping.

Secondary Arms = .5
The Chitrick have a secondary set of weaker arms located along their torso beneath their regular ones. These arms can be used to hold additional light items or equipment but may not attack. You may perform an additional object interaction on your turn if either hand is empty.


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